O klubu

Football is fun, football is game, football is passion, football is love. All of that is in a football club with a witty name – Rekreativo from Banja Luka.



Unique in the world! Have players, don't have board, don't have coach, compete in the lowest active league because they can't be relegated, and have members which in their showcases have trophies that would make even Real Madrid envy them. 

„People is that possible“ screamed deceased commentator Mladen Deli? on Yugoslavia – Bulgaria (3:2) game in Split when Ljuba Radanovi? in last seconds led „blues“ on big competition. 

The readers of this text are wondering themselves the same thing now. 

Well, it's possible indeed. Football Club Rekreativo from Banja Luka in just one year of existence became one of the most famous clubs in Republic of Srpska thanks to enthusiasm of 20 football players. 

After decay of FC Sin?eli?, which was closed due to financial – administrative problems they decided to register club on 4th August 2009 because of pure love to football, and from very own pockets which was named by physical (un)readiness, and not by better known spanish team from Huelva.

Idea was simple – to have fun on football pitch and hang out after games with box of beer, and soon on the so-called „third half“ were many more fans than on the game. Spontaneously „fell“ first fan song „Pivo, pivo, Rekreativo“ (Beer, beer, Rekreativo) which later became slogan... And as drinking large amounts of barley-hops juice is growing confidence fans named themselves „Gromada“ (Large Rock).

Players wanted to prevent fans in order to chant „Board out“ , so they named management from their own ranks with same rights and duties like musketeers. So, all for one, one for all!

On one of „third halfs“ was decided also that the stadium carries the name of „greatest thinker“ of Ex Yugoslavia „Dr Nele Karajli?“ and when frontmen from Zabranjeno Pušenje (No smoking) heard about this he was delighted: “I thought i would die laughing“, was the first reaction of Nenad Jankovi? which was named honorary president.

Besides him fans and members of the club became celebrated serbian director Emir Kusturica and whole „No Smoking orchestra“. On their concerts around the world, you can always see members of the band in Rekreativo T-shirts.



Although this club compete in lowest active league (4th League of Republic of Srpska) rumor about him spread beyond Banja Luka thanks to ambassador of the club Boris Vrhovac Vrle so besides Nele and Kusta membership card own some of the world famous celebrities.

Best handball player nowadays Nikola Karabati?, selector of five different national teams on world cups Bora Milutinovi? and former dutch player Ronald de Boer are new Rekreativo members. Only three of them in their club and representative careers have huge amount of trophys won.
Also there is dutch football legend Ruud Gullit, and best serbian female tennis player Jelena Jankovi?.
One of the last „reinforcement“ of Rekreativo reverberated like bomb – neither more nor less the best football player of the world Lionel Leo Messi, and after him coach of football club Barcelona Pep Guardiola also became a member.


In the plan are still some people from world of sports and showbusiness, but for now we will not talk about names. When we add them and Kusta's two „Golden Palms“ we wil have cups and awards to fill whole „Santiago Bernabeu“ , said Aleksandar Grbi? first amongst equal „recreationists“.

According to his words, they plan to form kind of „Hall of fame“, but they are not neglecting the total „anonymouses“, that are willing to contibute on club development in any way.

During the last visit to the club, our honourly president Nele Karajli? emphasized few main goals: To make a club buffet, and win Champions League after that. That is our „ten year“ plan joked Grbi?.

Although on the first members of Rekreativo look „frivolously“ they are very engaged in local community despite the fact they don't have any income but are exclusively financed from their own pockets.

Besides stadium „Dr Nele Karajli?“, with help of Ministry of family, youth and sports in government they made playground in Banja Luka's neighbourhood „?esma“ worth few thousands euros.

They established school of football that counts 60 children in three age categories.
Now it's turn to establish Youth Center, and action of voluntary blood donation, saids „recreationist“.

"Our playing is so gala, every girl wants to give us pussy."

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The story followed up by one of the leaders of the fans, Janka, which added that „Gromada“ by the organisation and manpower, is not inferior to many larger clubs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

„At the beginning we were suspiously watched and laughed, but as time was passing by people started to recognize our entusiasm. We admit that we aren't so smart, but we are persistent and we try that Rekreativo has „12th player“.

That effort will pay, when, as our president Nele announced, we enter Champions League“, said the leader of „Gromada“ and sang one of favourite songs:

„Our playing is so gala, every girl wants to give us pussy.“

„We are Large Rock, throb, shake
By the way we are Vultures,
Binge is inevitable,
There's few of us but we are shit“!

Boban Kova?i?, member of the club, emphasized that in Rekreativo play „footballers“ of all professions.

„We have everything, professors, journalists, bank clerks, waiters, students... one of our goalkeepers is paratrooper so you can imagine his parades. He is almost unbeatable“, said Kova?i?.

Rekreativo mentioned that result is not most important just the sheer beauty of football game and social-service work. So they invited all enthusiasts and lovers of "the most important secondary thing in the world" to assist in the work of this Banja Luka club.

"We are unique in the world. We finance all ourselves, but we hope that our work will be identified by potential sponsors. Our sports family recently expanded when Floorball club Rekreativo was founded. Individuals even copy us, so FC „Malo Valjekano” from Banja Luka is in the process of establishment, which shows that we are on the right path," concluded Kova?i?.

All information on this small, but the world famous club, except on the official club website you can get on their facebook group "Gromada-FK Rekreativo" Banjaluka.

(Nebojša Šatara, MONDO)